100 Hours and Counting…Anthony Gonzalez continues to hide from debate with Susan Moran Palmer


October 1, 2018
Contact: Tom Bullock
(440) 554-7203

100 Hours and Counting…

Anthony Gonzalez continues to hide from debate with Susan Moran Palmer after forgetting what his positions were in the primary


Despite assuring Cleveland.com editors and reporters that he had “would have no problem ever” debating Susan Moran Palmer at a City Club of Cleveland forum, Anthony Gonzalez continues to hide from a public conversation that would allow voters to compare the candidates. The City Club invitation, issued to both candidates by the venerable civic organization on Wednesday, Sept. 26th, was immediately accepted by Susan Moran Palmer and yet, more than 100 hours later, Gonzalez remains silent.

Gonzalez also claimed during the editorial board meeting that “he would not have supported the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare” and he praised Obamacare-related expansion of Medicaid. However, earlier this year, Gonzalez made his opposition to Obamacare a central focus of his primary campaign.

“It’s unfortunate that Anthony Gonzalez seems to have forgotten his loyalty to Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress that he embraced in the primary. No wonder he ducked Susan Moran Palmer’s challenge to debate in each county in this district,” said Tom Bullock, Campaign Manager for Palmer for Congress. “But to hide from the City Club debate invitation after publicly saying that he would accept is certainly troubling, especially after he’s turned down requests for forums with the League of Women Voters. The voters deserve answers from Mr. Gonzalez. It’s clear Mr. Gonzalez is just trying to run out the clock and avoid any scrutiny before election day. It’s up to voters, and the media, to demand he stop hiding and stop his charade.”


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