I’ve spent more than 30 years as a healthcare professional, so I’ve seen first-hand how medicine saves lives and how, at its best, healthcare can provide the foundation for a thriving America. But right now, America’s healthcare system is failing our citizens, and we must make it right.

I believe that every American should have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. The Affordable Care Act was a strong step toward making this a reality. Instead of working to strengthen the ACA–as Washington did with Social Security, Medicare, and every other successful “safety net” program– the current Congress has spent the last year trying to take health care away from millions of citizens, with no plan to replace it.

The consequences of these efforts are clear: the costs of premiums and deductibles are out of control, healthcare plans cover less, anti-competitive practices keeping drug prices high, and millions of Americans are now being penalized for pre-existing conditions, making their insurance expensive and second-rate, or not available at all. In Congress, I will fight to ensure access to affordable healthcare for every American by strengthening the ACA.