As the world continues to move towards using less and less fossil fuels and more and more to renewable sources of fuel, the United States cannot afford to be left behind. Particularly as since wind and solar become more broadly adopted, the price is now competitive with traditional energy sources, the US should be at the forefront of clean energy research and generation. We need policies that encourage the clean energy industry, create jobs, and combat climate change.

End subsidies for fossil fuel companies: For too long, profitable companies that pollute our environment have been needlessly subsidized by the American taxpayer. It is time to end corporate welfare for oil companies and invest that money elsewhere.

Invest in and protect tax credits for the renewable energy industry: Clean energy is a rapidly-growing industry, and Ohio needs to capture a share of this growth. We should be expanding our support for clean energy development to protect our environment while creating opportunity for the American people.

Commit to continuing the Clean Power Plan: The Clean Power Plan was a groundbreaking policy designed to limit pollution from power plants. If left in place, it would encourage a move away from dated and dirty energy sources towards renewable fuel. Yet, President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has already put a repeal of this plan into motion. The only way to ensure that this plan is implemented is for Congress to pass it into law or take steps to move in that direction.

Defend pollution standards for cars, trucks, and appliances: In 2009, the Obama administration and the automobile industry agreed to aggressive fuel economy targets. The goal was to have every new car and truck run at 44.7 miles per gallon by 2021 and 54.5 miles per gallon in 2025. This would allow consumers to save money on gas and it would significantly reduce the nation’s carbon footprint. The Trump administration has threatened to renege on this deal. This, coupled with Congressional attempts to overturn energy efficiency standards on household appliances, would raise the cost of energy for the American people while undoing progress in the fight against climate change.

Ohio can and must lead on clean energy. Ohio stands to gain significantly in jobs and investment from clean energy and can lead the nation toward smart investment and support of clean energy that pays off for workers and communities. Ohio is already ranked 2nd in the Midwest for clean energy jobs and first for manufacturing and solar. This position can only improve with targeted government support and the elimination of policy roadblocks.