In the 2016 election, working class Americans were fed up with being ignored.   While many Americans are struggling, the richest 1% is doing better than ever. The average CEO makes 70 times more than their employees, and 42% of Americans make less than $15/hr. Wage growth has lagged increases in the cost of living.  

To make matters worse, the GOP tax bill gave huge unfunded  tax cuts to corporations and the wealthy and ballooned the federal deficit by over $1.8 trillion dollars.  Corporations spent their tax cuts on buying back stock to increase their own stock price and their C-suite compensation.  

Too many of our communities have been left behind as our national economy changes. We need infrastructure investment in the Midwest to improve our competitiveness in the global economy. In Congress, I’ll fight for infrastructure investments in Ohio that will provide  good jobs with fair wages that they can rely on to support their families. We need to ensure that we’ve created the conditions for businesses to succeed here, and that we’re constantly searching for opportunities to bring investment into our region.

We can’t build a strong economy without thriving small and community businesses. We must ensure that entrepreneurs and small business owners have access to the capital they need to hire employees and grow as a business. I am committed to strengthening funding opportunities for small businesses so that entrepreneurs are supported and have the opportunity to take smart, calculated risks to achieve their goals.